“Tax Accounting for Entrepreneurs” Course

YK Tax and Accounting Service Co., Ltd. organizes

``Tax Accounting for Entrepreneurs`` Course,

teaching all business-related taxes for individual and juristic person, what to be learnt is practical for actual business operations.

Course content:

This course is suitable for business owners or executives who have not basic knowledge of accounting, but realize the importance of accountancy and wish to learn to communicate with Accounting Department or/and accounting firms (in case of accounting outsourcing) and wish to avoid the backward inspection by the Revenue Department, and to manage Accounting Department, which is the sensitive issue. One of problems faced by business owners or those who will become accounting executives is the failure or difficulty to understand the accounting system, they do not know where to start, or they learnt but do not understand and cannot practice in real situations. Therefore, we have organized the course for business owners without accounting fundamentals so that the entrepreneurs and accounting executives can learn the sequence of accounting steps that where they should start first, so as to be practical and not to be confused. With a simple learning method, quick understanding, and without boredom, the teaching style is adapted to the needs of participants, the contents of accounting and taxation for entrepreneurs will be focused on the learning from real documents and real exercises by using documents related to your business. Additionally, the participants will be advised of techniques for lawful accounting documentation in order to save taxes and make lawful accountancy, resulting in the sustainable survival of your business. Tax accounting is very important for business operation and should not be underestimated.

Overall Content

  •  Basic knowledge of accounting: What is accounting? What do the financial statements look like? After operating the company, is it necessary to close the financial statements? How?
  • Accounting documents: What are they? How to lawfully prepare accounting documents.
  • Tax-related knowledge that the entrepreneurs must know and correctly comply with, such as:
    – Personal Income Tax (PIT)
    – Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
    – Withholding Tax (WHT)
    – Value Added Tax (VAT)
    – Specific Business Tax
  • Summary and overview of tax accounting directly related to the entrepreneur’s company.
  • How to do accountancy and accounting documents directly related to the entrepreneur’s company.
  • Complimentary supporting documents for accountancy.

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